Hurun List of art grades?
-- The 2019 violin grade assessment list is coming out soon
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   It is reported that in order to promote the healthy development of Chinese youth art quality education, test the certification level of social art level examination institutions, and establish an art grade credit evaluation system, it is jointly initiated and held by media and units such as Music Life newspaper, which is in charge of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism"General Evaluation of Social Art Level"The event will be launched soon and held all year round。

   As the central level of the national distribution of news and publishing media, Music Life newspaper has been initiated and hosted for many years"Chinese Original Song List"。It was once the largest pop song chart in China and even Asia, and an annual barometer of Chinese pop music。

   For the first time, the overall ranking will adopt the lifelong responsibility system of the chief expert for the domestic and foreign players who hold the art grade certificate, and pass the small champion of the same levelBig fightFinally, the annual ranking results of the corresponding art grade examination majors are produced and released in real time through platforms such as the official account of Douyin and the public account of Music Life Newspaper。

   It is also reported that the recent first launch is"Social art level examination2019 Violin grade overall evaluation list”。The list will be jointly organized by Music Life Daily and the China Mass Music Association, and its offline activities will be held in Beijing concert halls and social art level examination bases throughout the year。

(Special correspondent for Music Life)

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