China Culture and Art Co., Ltd. and the Russian State Financial Association
The signing ceremony of cooperation was held in Beijing
时间:2018/9/30 11:32:34   Article source: China Culture and Art Co., LTD

   2018929The Russian State Financial Association (hereinafter referred to as "Russian Financial Association") and China Culture and Art Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to asChina Art CompanyA signing ceremony was held in Beijing。Mr. Lu Changhe, Chairman of China Art Company, and Mr. Zabrotsky, chairman of the Russian Financial Association, signed as representatives of both parties。The special visit of the delegation of the Russian Financial Association was carried out on the basis of Mr. Zabrotsky's personal meeting with the delegation of the China Art Company in Moscow earlier this month。

   The Russian Financial Association plays an important role in the Russian financial field。The China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination has deepened and acceleratedthe Belt and RoadAnd the construction of the "Eurasian Economic Union", especially in the context of the two heads of state advocating the acceleration of joint venture cooperation between Chinese and Russian enterprises during the Eastern Economic Forum, the Russian Financial Association and the Chinese art company reached a consensus on mutual exchange and long-term cooperation and held the above signing ceremony。

   During the visit, the two sides held in-depth talks on jointly promoting the construction of China-Russia cross-border trading platform for commodities, including the trading of cultural works of art, on the basis of the existing trading platform of China Art Company。

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