China Art Company was invited to attend the 15th China International Cultural Industry Expo Guizhou investment promotion meeting
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     Dan maple welcome autumn, golden cinnamon fragrance。From 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM on September 5, the Guizhou Investment Promotion Meeting of the 15th China International Cultural Industry Expo, "Soul of Literature and Wings of Travel", was held in Beijing。The leaders who attended the promotion meeting were: Lu Yongzheng, Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Department,Tan Jiong, Vice governor of Guizhou Province,Zhao Enguo, deputy director of Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Management Center,Beijing Culture and tourism Bureau inspector Shi Anping,Zhang Yan, Deputy Secretary-General of Guizhou Provincial People's Government,Responsible person of Network Information Office of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Guizhou Provincial Government Office in Beijing。The promotion meeting was presided over by Ma Lei, director of the Office of the Leading Group of Guizhou Provincial Industry Investment Promotion Work and director of Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau。

     Mr. Lu Changhe, Chairman of the company, Mr. Wang Wenjiao, Assistant Chairman of the company, Mr. CAI Jianguo, Senior representative, and Mr. Wang Qingyun, director of the First Operation Center, were invited to attend the event。The promotion meeting also invited LAN Jun, president of China National Trade Promotion Association,Yan Bin, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Reignwood Group,Qiu Wenhe, president of CYTS Holdings Co., LTD,Shi Hongen, President of Xingye Group Greater China and General Manager of Xingye Hotels Management Limited,Cao Peng, director of State-owned Assets Management Office of Beijing Film Academy,Li Zhongjun, Party Secretary and Vice president of BEC Urban Resources Group Co., LTD,Hu Jiaquan, deputy general manager of Poly Culture Group Co. LTD,Zhou Yuan, general manager of Beijing Zhihu Technology Co., LTD,China Cultural Industry Association secretary-general Jin Peng,Chen Gang, co-founder and CEO of Beijing Maosan Network Technology Co., LTD,China Animation Group deputy general manager Sun Hao,Guizhou Province industry investment think tank expert, Panasonic China Northeast Asia company consultant Jin Fei,Lin Bin, Vice President of Beijing Council for the Promotion of International Trade and director of Beijing Convention and Exhibition Association。

      At the meeting, Minister Lu Yongzheng sincerely, affectionately and enthusiastically promoted to customers the profound original ecology and humanistic beauty behind Guizhou's "explosive" appearance level, as well as the excellent business environment that has been continuously created。He sincerely invited participants to invest in cultural tourism in Guizhou, develop high-quality vacation and health tourism products, develop high-quality sports tourism products, and develop high-quality hot spring tourism products。

      Director Ma Lei said at the promotion meeting that Beijing and Guizhou have been cooperating for a long time, and since 2018 alone, Beijing has invested 687 projects in Guizhou with a contract investment of 2,849.500 million yuan, 675 projects have been started, of which 411 have been put into operation。Beijing enterprises can go deep into Guizhou, use the traditional cultural advantages to enhance the industrial connotation of Guizhou, cultivate cultural brands, and use the advantages of science and technology and finance to deepen industrial integration, which will further stimulate the vitality of the cultural tourism industry。

      Video roadshows were conducted on a number of cultural tourism investment projects in Guizhou province, such as Beidou Bay in GUI 'an New Area, Guizhou Liuyue Street, mercury mining industrial site in Danzhai County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Ecological health and hot spring Town in Guding County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Beipanjiang Grand Canyon scenic cableway in Zhenfeng County, and RV camp in Ziyun Autonomous County, Anshun City。Ruyi Wen Park, Cultural and Creative Industry Park, colorful Guizhou Street, Eshan and other key cultural and tourism investment projects were introduced at the scene。

      当天,Ten projects, including Longli Technology and Education City, China Railway Construction Yangmingwen Tourism City, Zunyi Medical University College of Medicine and Science and Technology Cultural and Tourism Education Center, Boda national health management big data, Longgong Scenic spot Longtan Folk culture Complex, Qianxi County Jinshi Peach Li Chunfeng Residence Center, were signed on the spot,Contract investment 90.8亿元。The 15th China International Cultural Industry Expo Guizhou signed a total of 52 investment projects, attracting 305 investment.64 亿元。

      The city (state), Guian New Area is in charge of investment promotion leadership, the city (state), Guian New Area investment promotion department and more than 260 cultural tourism enterprises representatives of nearly 400 people attended the meeting。

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