China Art Company held 2019 annual meeting
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   Recently, China Art company held2019年会。The meeting was chaired by Comrade Li Shunde, the strategic decision-making committee of the company, its Hantang Art Exchange and music life newspaper, the headquarters of the relevant leaders and employees attended the meeting。

   Comrade Wang Wenjiao first made a work report on behalf of the company's management at the meeting。Report pair2018I made a comprehensive summary and review of the company's work in the past year, which not only affirmed the achievements achieved, praised the good people and good things, but also pointed out the shortcomings and gaps2019The annual work was prospected and planned, and completed well2019The task of the year presents specific requirements。

   After that, the participants around the report content, combined with their own2018Annual work completion and success2019The annual work was discussed。Jia Mingru, Miao Fengrong, Fang Jiaxuan, Fan Jibin, Li Dongjin, Lian Lili and other comrades spoke at the meeting, these comrades in their speeches against2018A brief summary of the work they have done in the past year is also given2019Annual work plan and plan, and put forward opinions and suggestions for the next step of the company。   

   At the end of the meeting, Chairman Lv Changhe made a concluding speech。Chairman Lu pointed out in his speech that affected by the international and domestic environment,2018The company has encountered challenges, but under the strong leadership of the company's management and the joint efforts of the company's employees, the work has been better completed。2019We should build up confidence, tap potential, and strive for breakthrough development. We should make full use of our own advantages, aim at broad market prospects, and accelerate the speed of promotion。Finally, I wish all employees good health, a happy New Year, I wish the company steady progress, create brilliant!

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