China Art Company and China Media Group International Media Port Company
Signed an agreement on cooperation in cultural projects
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   2019113China Radio and Television Group8KThe original documentary "Magnolia City" and the International Media Port lighting debut event was held in Shanghai Xuhui Binjiang West Bank International Media Port。The magnificent light show in the Yangtze River Delta headquarters complex, welcome the second CIIE。Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the China Media Group;Zhou Huilin, Member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee and Minister of Publicity Department;Fang Huiping, Vice Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC;Sun Yusheng, member of Editorial Committee of China Media Group;Bao Bingzhang, Secretary of Shanghai Xuhui District Party Committee;Fang Shizhong, mayor of Xuhui District of Shanghai, attended the event。At the event, China Culture and Arts Company Limited (CTE) and China Media Group International Media Port Company signed a cooperation agreement on cultural projects。

   China Art Company and China Media Group International Media Port Company, based on the principle of mutual benefit, complementary advantages, common development, in accordance with the law, to establish a long-term partnership。The two sides will integrate their respective advantages to actively organize various international art activities and cultural exchange activities,And introduce excellent works and industry celebrities to the event,Enhance the added value of cultural industry products with high-quality services,We will expand the space for innovation and development of cultural industries through integrated development,Strive to achieve mutual promotion and common development of cultural industry and related industries。

   On the evening of the event, the building was the screen, the technology was the pen, the light was the ink, and the International Media Port, one of the new cultural landmarks in Shanghai, held the first lighting show。As the Yangtze River Delta headquarters of China Radio and Television and the main station of Shanghai, the International Media Port is located in Shanghai Xuhui Binjiang, with a total construction area26.510,000 square meters, inclusive10Ten thousand square meters5AGrade A office building,2.310,000 square meters of cultural venues,510,000 square meters of commercial space。In the future, film and television, sports, science and technology, media and other industries will gather here to carry out rich and colorful cultural activities, and become one of the new landmarks of Shanghai。

   China Art Company and China Media Group International Media Port Company will cooperate in various aspects in the future to efficiently promote the early realization of relevant consensus。


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