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    China Culture and Arts Co., LTD. (formerly China Culture and Arts Corporation, referred to as "China Art Company") is the only enterprise retained and indirectly controlled by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China。It is China's first central level art import and export, central level performance brokerage agency, is the central level, national newspaper "Music Life" in charge of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, the annual organizer and distributor。 

    China Art Company is the largest operator of China's commercial performance, art exhibition and sales, foreign cultural exchanges (including cooperation with the world's art circles and show business for up to ten years)。These include: the hosting of the "Three Tenors Forbidden City Square Concert", which culminated in Beijing's bid for the Olympic Games; the holding of the "China Art Fair" at home and abroad for 16 consecutive years; and the selection of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games licensed merchandise and ticketing program marketing and publicity service providers 。 

    In recent years, he has invested and managed a number of Internet financial art trading venues, including (Beijing) Hantang Art Exchange, Qingdao Yihai Cultural Art Trading Center, and Korea Cultural Art Exchange。As of June 30, 2017, Hantang successfully conducted the first trial of Internet finance + art trading。Created art jewelry, ancient coins trading performance first in the country,Achieved the first place in the performance ranking of similar trading venues in Beijing;81 cultural and artistic products have been listed,其中,The highest daily turnover among traders was $1.2 billion,The maximum daily market value of trading varieties is 10 billion yuan;It has nearly 400,000 traders,There are more than 9,000 cooperative institutions of all kinds。

    Zhongyi Company to promote the status of Chinese artists, praise the Chinese art talent as its own responsibility, the achievement of Liu Dawei, Yang Lizhou, Shi Hu, Guan Yuliang, Chen Muzhi and a group of young and middle-aged artists。

    Music Life Daily is supervised by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by China Culture and Art Co., LTD., national unified issue number: CN11-0230。Since its inception in 1993, Music Life has made a significant contribution to the development of Chinese pop music, presenting many famous works and outstanding singers, such as Na Ying, Yu Quan, Sun Nan, Han Hong, Chen Ming, Chen Lin, Man Wenjun, Sun Yue, etc。The "China Original Song List" created by him was once the largest pop song list in China and even in Asia, covering all provinces and major cities in the country, and is the general index of the national communication effect of Chinese pop music, as well as the barometer of Chinese pop music。 

    It is a period of great opportunity for the country to promote the great development and prosperity of culture,Zhongyi company closely around the circulation of cultural works of art services,To build an innovative development platform combining cultural works of art with technology and finance,And founded the first domestic industry newspaper "Trading Place Weekly",Explore the establishment of pricing mechanism, property rights system and pedigree of cultural works of art;By activating core elements of the market,We are expanding cultural consumption and distribution,Promote art creation and production in reverse,Innovation fulfills the central government's purpose of promoting great cultural development and prosperity。

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