Policy and regulation draftsman recruitment brochure2023-01-28
[Job title] Draftsman of policies and regulations [Job Description] 1. Be able to draft documents that can be issued, including but not limited to recruitment and management documents required by the voice teaching and research platform, such as methods, programs, rules, etc。 2. Be able to publicize the drafted documents, including but not limited to question answering, road show speaker, etc。 [Qualifications and Conditions] 1, with the local government or the relevant ministries and commissions to draft policy and regulation documents...[View details]
"Music Life newspaper" professional title assessment staff recruitment leaflet2023-01-04
[Job title] Professional title assessment staff [Qualifications and conditions] 1, have long-term experience in the field of professional and technical title assessment, education is not limited。2. Familiar with professional title assessment procedures, qualification review and other production links, age is not limited。Three, four priority, namely: 1, the title evaluation work implementation plan (or plan) of the maker of priority。2. Full-time responsible person in the field of professional title evaluation is preferred。3. Priority is given to those who are about to retire or have recently retired。4、...[View details]
Music Life List Founder recruitment leaflet2023-01-04
[Job Title] Leaderboard Founder [Qualifications and Conditions] I have recent years and successful experience in establishing the leaderboard, education, age is not limited。 2. Experience in the formation and expansion of ranking division。 Three, four priority, that is: 1, interested in contracting ranking priority。 2, interested in hosting the ranking is preferred。 3, the founder of three consecutive terms is preferred。 4. Creating multiple leaderboards at the same time is preferred。【...[View details]
"Music Life" vocal list organizer recruitment brochure2022-12-16
1. Be able to organize or plan various vocal charts。Including but not limited to pharyngeal ranking, song ranking, etc。Second, it can continue to hold various vocal charts all year round under the premise that "Music Life" and relevant top institutions are always sponsored。1. Experience in successfully organizing vocal music competitions in recent years, regardless of educational background or age。2. Experience in the formation and expansion of sub-divisions。Three, four priority, namely: 1, the intention to contract...[View details]

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