China Art Company was invited to attend the 2023 East Asia Future Forum
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      On August 22, at the invitation of South Korea's Edaily Media Group and East Asia Cultural Center, the delegation of China Culture and Art Co., Ltd. and Music Life Newspaper attended the East Asia Future Forum held in Seoul。Kwak Jae-sun, Chairman of Edaily Media Group, and Roh Jae-heon, president of East Asia Cultural Center, attended the event as representatives of the organizers,First Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jeon Byeong-gik, Chairman of the Korea-China Parliamentarians Union Hong Young-pyo, Secretary-General of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat Ou Bo-chin, Japanese Ambassador to Korea Koichi Aistar, Hong Kong director Tang Ji-Lee and founder of SM Entertainment Lee Su-man attended the forum as guests。 

      At the opening ceremony, Lu Changhe, chairman of China Art Company, delivered a speech, hoping that people of vision in the cultural circles of East Asian countries would work together to actively explore effective ways, constantly expand and deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation in East Asia, and make greater contributions to jointly casting new brilliance of East Asian culture。 

      During the panel discussion, Wang Wenjiao, vice president of Music Life Newspaper, expressed his opinions on the circulation of cultural products, the current situation of music production and future cooperation between China and South Korea。 


Chairman Lu Changhe accepted an interview on the creation of an international demonstration city in Seoul

      In an interview after the forum,President Lv Changhe introduced the business direction of China-South Korea cooperation, such as establishing an international demonstration city of pharyngi-singing in Seoul and Asian music charts.He stressed that China and South Korea should be on the basis of mutual understanding,Strengthen cooperation,Actively promote joint projects,In particular, we should create a friendly public opinion environment between the two countries,It will play a positive role in the development of the cultural undertakings of the two countries。 

      In the following day, the delegation of China Art Company and Music Life Newspaper also visited Edaily Media Group and CJ Group to conduct friendly negotiations on the future cooperation direction of the parties。

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