Han-tang Art Exchange
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1. What special qualifications and licenses does Hantang have?

    A: Hantang Art Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "Hantang") was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in March 2011, and suspended trading in October of the same year。

    In November 2013, on the basis of China Culture and Art Co., Ltd. being ordered to accept and complete the task of maintaining stability and clearing out on time as required by the Beijing Municipal Government, Hantang became the "exchange agreed to be retained by the inter-ministerial joint meeting in accordance with the newly established procedures".。

    Hantang has special trading rules approved by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work and reviewed by the inter-ministerial joint meeting (its members include the CSRC, the Central Propaganda Department, etc.)。The trading rules include Hantang can "take physical online auction auction, one-to-many price discovery, one-to-one matchmaking" special trading methods, as well as a highly covered range of cultural works of art trading。

2. What kind of core team does Hantang have?

    A: Hantang is a state-led mixed ownership exchange reorganized in accordance with the relevant work plan of the Beijing Municipal Government,Its core team is jointly nominated by China Culture and Art Co., LTD. (an enterprise affiliated to the Ministry of Culture) and its Strategy and decision-making Committee, which has 20 years of experience in the distribution of cultural works and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad,And in the way of open competition。

    A core team composed of leadership members with stable tenure and professional employees recognized by investors can ensure the consistency of Hantang's external commitments and ensure the long-term stability of its trading platform。

3. What is the operating performance of Hantang?

    A: In the two years before June 30, 2017, Hantang successfully carried out an all-round operation attempt of Internet finance + art trading。It has created the first place in the trading performance of art jewelry and ancient coins in China, and achieved the first place in the performance ranking of similar trading venues in Beijing;Among them, the highest daily trading volume is 1.2 billion yuan, the highest daily fee is 750,000 yuan, and the highest daily market value is 10 billion yuan。During this period, Hantang has listed and issued 81 art "stocks", with nearly 400,000 investors and more than 9,000 members of various institutions。

Hantang Art Exchange official website: http://www.bjcae.com/

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