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Music Life Daily is a central and national newspaper under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by China Culture and Art Co., LTD., with the unified domestic publication number: CN11-0230 and the national postal code: 1-191。 

Music Life, founded in 1993, is the only print media with independent publishing, independent management and focus on music and art among more than 100 central level newspapers in the country. At present, it is published on Monday, 24 pages in four editions and printed in color。

Over the past 20 years, Music Life has made full use of its abundant resources to become a unique newspaper in the music art industry, and has become a household name for thousands of music lovers, enthusiasts, music teachers and performing arts workers。 

The "Chinese Original Song List" under the "Music Life" was founded in 1997。The annual selection activities are jointly launched by the Chinese Popular Music Society, Music Life Newspaper and other major radio stations in 200 provinces and cities across the country,He has made great contributions to popular music in China,Launched a lot of well-known excellent works and excellent singers,Na Ying, Yu Quan, Sun Nan, Han Hong, Chen Ming, Chen Lin, Man Wenjun, Sun Yue and many other singers are well known by the majority of fans。The "China Original Song List" has once become the largest pop song list in China and even in Asia, covering all provinces and cities in the country, and is the general index of the national communication effect of Chinese pop music, and also the barometer of Chinese pop music。 

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