Public announcement of the list of candidates for direct identification of the honorary title of the inheritor of the pharyngeal Singing Method (the first batch)
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       In order to actively and prudently carry out the assessment work of inheritors, according to the Article 22 of the Interim Measures for the Assessment of Inheritors of the Law of Phonetic Practice, after research, the first batch of candidates for the honorary title of inheritors to be directly identified are suggested as follows:

       (In order of age)

       Tian Shengyu studied with Lin Junqing in 1960.

                         Chairman of the pharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee, vocal music educator, soprano singer, Shaanxi Province "lifelong achievement artist", Xi 'an Conservatory of Music vocal Department professor

       Tan Lijuan studied with Lin Junqing in 1960.

                         The chairman of the pharyngeal revitalization Expert Committee, the national first-class actor, the artistic director and deputy head of the General Troupe of Zhejiang Province, and the honorary chairman of the Zhejiang Chorus Association

       Zhong Zhenfa studied with Lin Junqing in 1961.

                         Chairman of the pharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee, national first-class actor, expert enjoying the special allowance of The State Council, former director of Beijing Vocal Music Institute

       Wang Keming studied with Lin Junqing in 1967;

                         Pharyngeal rejuvenation Expert Committee deputy chairman, Shanghai Dance School tenor singer, Fudan University chorus conductor, pharyngeal healing voice disease expert

       Li Yuanhua studied with Lin Junqing in 1962.

                         Soprano singer, national first-class actor, member of the sixth National Committee of the Chinese Federation of Literature and Music, Vice president of the Chinese National Vocal Music Society, experts enjoying special subsidies of The State Council

Relevant information:

(a) The nomination deadline for the above candidates is September 15, 2023, and other candidates are still under study;

(2) The publicity time of the above list is up to September 24, 2023。

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September 18, 2023     

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