Qingdao Yihai cultural art trading center
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Qingdao Yihai Cultural art Trading Center is approved by the Qingdao municipal government, municipal Bureau of Commerce, Financial Office, Cultural and Guangzhou New Bureau, Securities Regulatory Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other relevant departments jointly reviewed and approved the establishment of cultural art trading service institutions。In line with the concept of cultural docking capital and trading value enhancement, the trading center is committed to integrating the industrial chain of cultural works of art, providing investors with safe and convenient Internet trading services for cultural works of art, and creating a first-class electronic trading platform for cultural works of art in China。 

Qingdao Yihai cultural art trading center advantage 

Shareholder advantage: China Culture and Art Co., Ltd. is an enterprise directly under the Ministry of Culture, and its credibility and resource advantages are particularly prominent。Hanlin Culture is a new cultural industry company specializing in the trading of cultural works of art. It has participated in the preparation and operation of a number of bulk trading platforms and cultural works of art trading platforms, with outstanding advantages in experience, resources and channels。 

Model advantage: Compared with the previous physical transactions of cultural works of art,Online cultural and art transactions are conducted online on the platform of the Internet,It solves the risks of quality, storage, transportation, capital, integrity and realization in the spot market of cultural works of art,Relying on government support and shareholder advantage,Build a safe, transparent and fair spot trading platform。

Team advantage: Qingdao Yihai has built a high-quality operation, management and technical team with years of experience in participating in the operation and preparation of the trading platform, and has a sound trading platform operation mechanism, laying a solid foundation for the long-term, stable and healthy development of the trading center。 

Supporting advantages: The trading center employs domestic professional appraisal institutions and the country's leading expert team of cultural works of art to serve as the appraisal work of the trading center, and ensures the quality and appearance of the collection through professional appraisal。We cooperate with COSCO Logistics to carry out storage management of collections in trust, providing a safe, convenient and reliable trading environment for collectors and dealers。

Introduction to the main shareholder of Qingdao Yihai Cultural art Trading Center 

Established in December 1986, China Culture and Arts Co., LTD. (formerly China Culture and Arts Corporation) is the only company indirectly controlled by the Ministry of Culture in China and is known as the forerunner and leader of China's cultural industry。The existing shareholders are 2, respectively, China Recording and Video Publishing General Press and Beijing Chinese Entertainment Co., LTD., which has more than 10 holding entities, including Hantang Art Exchange, the central level of the national distribution of "Music Life" and so on。 

Qingdao Hanlin Culture Investment Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Hanlin Culture") was established in November 2013,The registered place is Jinjialing Financial New Area, Laoshan, Qingdao,It is one of the professional financial investment institutions introduced by Qingdao "Global Wealth Center" and supervised by government agencies.Qingdao Blue Sea Equity Trading Center sponsor member and trading member;Is a professional engaged in cultural art trading, investment management services of the new cultural industry company。 Website: http://www.qdcae.cn/

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