Music Life Newspaper on the commendation of Zhong Zhenfa and other 5 members of the expert committee
时间:2023/9/11 9:33:50   Article source: Music Life Newspaper

Heads of departments, offices, offices, subordinate organizations, and localities: 

      Since this year,Zhong Zhenfa, Ma Zhiyun, Gao Jianjun, Lin Xi, Wu Lixia five members of the expert committee conscientiously performed the relevant work duties,Enthusiasm for pharyngeal revitalization of the cause,In the special training class candidate nomination, pharyngeal practitioners seeking, evaluation candidate recommendation and "Chinese pharyngeal 80 years" clues provided outstanding performance, ranked among the best。 

      In order to establish a typical model and encourage advanced, after research, Zhong Zhenfa and other 5 members of the expert committee were commended。 

      Hereby inform。 

Music life newspaper

 September 11, 2023

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