List of Regional Leaders for Pharyngeal Revitalization (Phase III)
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       Liao Muzhen (New York City), member of the Pharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee, baritone singer and vocal educator in the United States。
       Huang Liping (Toronto), member of the Pharopharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee, former mezzo-soprano voice Director of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra Choir, Director of Guangdong Choral Association。
       Liu Chunyang (Singapore), Deputy Editor of Voice and Art Voice Editorial Department, full-time pharyngeal teacher。
     * Li Yange (Sofia), founder of Leyi Zaidao Culture Media Co., LTD., PhD candidate at the Sofia State Conservatory of Music。

Domestic (in order of surname strokes) :
       Wang Xuesong (Tangshan), vocal music teacher of Tangshan Normal University, member of China Literary and Art Critics Association, talent of "Yanzhao Xiulin" program in Hebei Province。
     * Wulan Qiqi (Yiwu City), vocal director of Yiwu Children's Friendly Choir。
       Zhu Yanan (Huainan City), former actor of Zhejiang Impression Putuo Art Troupe, legal representative of Beijing Yaoyi Technology Co., LTD。
       Liu Chunyang (Beijing, Dongying City), deputy editor of Voice and Art Voice editorial Department, full-time pharyngeal teacher。
       Yan Shiping (Beijing), member of Pharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee, standing director of Voice Professional Committee of Chinese Art Medicine Association, member of Chinese Musicians Association。
       Tang Xing Lu (Chengdu), Ph.D., special vocal music teacher of Music College of Sichuan Normal University, special Master student and doctoral supervisor of Music College of University of Sao Paulo, Philippines。
       Xu Shilin (Shenzhen), national first-class writer, director of Chinese Opera Society, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Literary and Art Critics Association。
       Li Feixing (Guilin), music teacher of Guilin No. 3 Middle School。
       Li Jianghua (Yangzhou), member of the Pharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee, former actor of Yangzhou Song and Dance Troupe, member of Chinese Prose Society, member of Jiangsu Province Writers Association。
       Li Jianbo (Jiyuan City), teacher of Education and Art Department of Jiyuan Vocational and Technical College of Henan Province, Vice chairman of Jiyuan Musicians Association and president of Jiyuan Vocal Music Association。
       Li Jili (Chengdu), Deputy Chairman of the Pharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee, Xie Guifen teaching assistant of pharyngeal Training Course。
       Wu Lixia (Yinchuan City), member of the Pharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee (alternate), vocal music professor and master tutor of Music School of Ningxia University。
       He Xu (Xi 'an), founder of He Xu Voice Studio。
       Zhang Benan (Nanchang City), Deputy Director of the Artistic Voice Research Center, Nanchang Normal University。
       Zhang Shuai (Langfang), teacher of Music College of Langfang Normal University, teacher of Langfang University for the Elderly, teacher of Langfang Special Education School。
       Zhang Yingwei (Guangzhou), Member of Guangdong Musicians Association, vocal music Consultant of Dongyuan Senior High School of Heyuan City, music education consultant of Macao Folk Song Association。
       Zhang Na (Shanghai), Member of Harbin Musicians Association, member of China Vocal Music Society。
       Chen Wentao (Heyuan City), Deputy Director of the Art and Sports Department of Heyuan Open University, Chairman of Heyuan Citizens' Literary and Art Association。
       Chen Jinyan (Longyan City), member of the Pharyngeal Revitalization Expert Committee and principal of Lanyin Art School, Longyan City, Fujian Province。
       Chen Bin (Changsha City), founder of Star Times Vocal Studio。
       Luo Yida (Ordos City), member of Chinese Musicians Association, northwest independent musician。
       罗   潇(汕头市),汕头市金平音乐家协会副主席、潮阳启声学校音乐部主任。
       Meng Qiqi (Haikou City), CEO of Hainan Yanyuyin Culture Communication Co., LTD。
       Yuan Ping (Urumqi), teacher of aesthetic education in Xinjiang Industrial and Commercial Cadre School。
       Xiao Qiang (Baoji City), head of Baoji Golden Voice Choir, director of Baoji Staff Music Association。
       Weng Miaomiao (Shanwei), teacher of Meilong Middle School, Haifeng County, Shanwei。
       Guo Zuohua (Xilin Hot City), member of the Pharyngeal Rejuvenation Expert Committee, deputy head of the Ximeng National Orchestra, Professor of vocal music of Ximeng University for the Aged。
       Guo Feng (Haikou City), director of Hainan Province Artists Association, Haikou Musicians Association Executive Deputy Secretary General。
       Tao Junli (Shangqiu City), Shangqiu Normal University music School teacher。
       Huang Xiaolin (Fuzhou), vocal music teacher of Art College of Minjiang Normal College and external teacher of Union College of Fujian Normal University。
       Yin Ke (Urumqi), director of Xinjiang Musicians Association, former vocal actor of Xinjiang Boltala Song and Dance Troupe。
       Han Yupeng (Nanchang City), former director of the Music Department of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, master's supervisor, doctor, and academic expert of national culture and art talents。
       Cheng Shouxin (Liuzhou City), member of the Pharyngeal revitalization Expert Committee, leader of the Guangxi Liuzhou Song and Dance Ensemble acoustic band, former vice chairman of Liuzhou Music Association。
     * Shu Changpeng (Wuhan), founder of Wuhan Luocheng Music Studio。

Fact sheet:
       (a) The above list is generated by August 25, 2023, and is continuously updated。
       (2) Those marked with "*" in this list are new members。

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August 28, 2023

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